My Final Computer Project (2013-2014)SY

Today in my final computer class, I finished my final computer project of the school year 2013 – 2014 . I felt happy because you know after this very day, it will be the end of former school days. But next year I will have to try harder and since this is my final project, I would like to give you a message about life: “If you work hard, dream big and never give up but start over again, you can achieve everything in the future”. 🙂6D 15 LEE KANGHYUN 4QPROJECT. FYI : THE ONE I JUST POSTED IS A KEYNOTE FILE ABOUT BEING A RESPONSIBLE NETIZEN


My trip to Korea

During Christmas break, I went to Korea with my family. Since it was the month of December during that time, it was really cold (minus degree) and guess what! I had to wear 5 layers of jackets! After our departure in Korea we visited our relatives and we stayed in our aunt’s house. Anyway, after that we went to Vivaldi Park ( a really really nice hotel where there is a water amusement park and every winter the ski and snowboard stadium is open. So one morning after we were all prepared and we went there and rented some ski shoes and sticks and boards. Since it was my first time to ride it , I fell down a lot of times and there was a time where I almost twisted my ankle but thankfully someone helped me. But in the end , after a lot of practice I became better and got to try the higher place. But while riding in the higher slope I was going to fast and fell down chin-first . After that, I ate a chicken sandwich. Then we went home.

Another experience was when I went to a a mountain with my aunt and family and in there I saw a river but when I tried to touch the water it was actually ICE!!!

This was a really fun experience and I hope to go there again!!!


If you can see around you will see joyful people , gifts and HAPPINESS!! In the month of December , obviously we celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25. But this year is a very special year for me, because this year we will celebrate our Christmas by donating and sacrificing for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. We can still celebrate Christmas without any lights or trees or even decorations in the house! But the happiest way to celebrate this event is to choose to be kind . Not for ourselves only but for other people let us help and be kind to each other as the birth of Christ comes near .  Also , as the new year, 2014 comes after Christmas let’s begin this new year by renewing ourselves and start to be the best we can be for others and ourselves. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!!! – 1920 × 1200 – Search by image


My Service Interaction

Last September 19 my class had our Service Interaction in EPHETA with the blind . EPHETA is a foundation for the blind. Despite it’s poor economy for the foundation it still is reliable for the blind people who need help. We rode a bus going there and it took about 30 minutes. While riding we ate chips and chatted with each other. Later , we arrived and me and my partner Keith met our new blind friend, Jess. He is 24 years old and wants to have a simple life like other people. He’s tall and he unlike other blind people, he is one of the few who learns brail writing. Brail writing is the process where a blind person feels the symbol for each letter in dots which are arranged in an order.Others learned computer through speakers. We had fun and we were blindfolded while eating our lunch to experience how the blind people eat. We were able to share our talents and I was really grateful to Ms. Impelido for letting us have this unique experience with the blind because it was once in a lifetime experience. I hope I can have this experience again and share my time with the blind!!

My Recollection

Weeks ago, My class had our Recollection. Recollection is a time when you get to share your time with God so we postpone our classes for only one day. We discussed a lot about everyone who is special and unique. It was unforgettable because we received and made letters for others and from our parents and relatives. Some of us even cried because it was so sweet. We also prayed in the Praying area and made a box for each one of us that represented us. It was such an unforgettable moment and I hope we can have an activity like this again.